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Cleopetra's will customize each bath to cater to the individual needs of each dog.  Not all dog coats of the same breed are the same; some may be dry, some oily, some with special skin needs, etc.  We do not charge for custom baths - the product best suited for your dog is what will be used.  Also, we don't offer "upgraded" or "premium" shampoo or conditioners, since that is all we use.  


Each breed has a unique look and personality and, similarly, each owner has a particular way they want their pet to look.  We will do our very best to mirror the image of your dog that you have in mind.  If when you pick your pet up you would like a bit more off or a touch here or there, please let us know!  If you do not have a preference for style we will provide a breed-standard cut (or we can collectively come up with a great look for your pet).


We use forced air dryers to hand dry your dog rather than the old cage drying method.  Hand drying can lead to less shedding and a fluffier, more finished look.  The air dryers will loosen and lift your pet’s coat which provides a gentle removal of dead undercoat.

This also allows us to get an idea as to the type of coat and skin condition your dog presents.  Most importantly, unlike cage drying, hand drying doesn’t put your dog at risk of overheating.

Bathing, drying, & grooming


If your pet is matted, we will discuss the neccessary steps to remedy the condition at the time of drop-off.  If we notice your pet is too deeply matted after bathing, conditioning, drying, and brushing, we’ll consult with you on the next step.

(We will not shave your pet without consulting with you first and receiving your approval to move forward.)  Please review our demat policy to familiarize yourself with the conditions and process, as de-matting can be time consuming and painful. De-matting is charged at a rate of $60 per hour.

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Premium dog grooming services & care

Ear cleaning


We always err on the side of caution when it comes to ear cleaning and hair removal.  As such, we ask that you consult with your vet with respect to plucking/removing hair from the ear canals.   Removing ear hair from your dogs ears may irratate the ears/canals, especially those pets that are already susceptible to infections or irratations.  We use ear cleaner to lightly clean outer ears and to evaporate any water that could have gotten into ears during bathing.  Please remember that ear issues may be serious, and your veterinarian needs to address and treat any possible ear issues, not your groomer.